About Us

Wellness 4 Life is a nutrition consultant group providing individual and group nutrition counseling services presently within a tri-county region in the State of Florida. Our Registered and Licensed Dietitians provide counseling to customers who are interested in preventing or treating all nutrition related disorders that could be connected to weight or any chronic illness.

Wellness 4 Life includes Dietitians who are currently able to provide services in three major language groups – English, Spanish and Creole. Our Dietitians provide culturally relevant nutrition counseling and health education services in a professional manner. Each customer receives personalized care and treatment in their area of need.

As part of our service, customers receive culturally sensitive educational materials and a written guide to assist with nutrition guidelines for change.

Wellness 4 Life contracted its services for seven years with the Healthy Start Coalition of Miami-Dade and provided nutrition counseling to their prenatal and postnatal clients with medical nutrition related risks throughout Miami-Dade County.

Wellness 4 Life has also provided services to after school programs funded by The Children’s Trust. Our services included training the after school programs’ employees on a variety of health and nutrition topics, assessing the programs’ food management standards and documenting and crafting appropriate recommendations for improvements.

Wellness 4 Life spreads a message of disease prevention and awareness that goes beyond present recommendations. We expand customers’ knowledge concerning healthy eating habits, exercise, and stress reduction techniques.